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Finishing & Installation
There's little point in getting the output you want if you are left trying to arrange the correct finishing you need to use it or find out later what was spec'd isn't up to the job. For example, most affordable rolled vinyls offer excellent tensile strength and improved tear-resistance but they still retain a memory of their pre-rolled state and will shrink and curl with time compared to more-expensive cast vinyls. With the right adhesives and finishes or correct folding, stitching and grommet placing, however, they can still deliver excellent results for the money depending on the application. The key is delivering the combination of suitability, light fastness, durability and cost with the right finishing that will ensure your investment is protected.

If you plan to drop-ship hundreds or even thousands of customized promotional items to stores around the country or local chapters of an organization nationwide then you need a partner who can deal with both large quantities and the logistics involved. Unless you plan to hire a project manager, dozens of sewing machine operators, a warehouse somewhere and a bunch of temporary workers to handle the package fulfillment then that great quote you got on just the printing is going to end-up costing you in the long run. After all, those braided cords, assembly materials, installation instructions and collateral aren't just going to magically find their way into a box together and make sure they arrive on time and under budget for the big launch.

Remember, at Visual Options and Solutions we care as much about your image as you do. And that image is going to take a knock if it starts to peel or fade prematurely or fails to make it to its destination complete and on time. What you need are the right options and someone who can provide an entire solution if you need it.

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For those unique, high-visibility projects then flexibility of installation becomes the key. If your company just went through a re-branding exercise then you need to protect that investment by reinforcing every impression you make. Now your fleet vehicles become mobile billboards for the re-born company. However, you might just need the logo, name and tag-line changed so could re-wrap just the cabs as long as the impression remains seamless with the existing graphics on the rest of the vehicle. It'll take some design dexterity and installation know-how to make it work. We'll get the new branding on the road while others are still idling.

Likewise, you might be ready to rollout a nationwide photoshoot campaign and need to be sure that almost 5,000 specially-finished outdoor vinyl banners are drop-shipped to schools across the nation with everything they needed in the box to affix them to the schoolyard wall, playground fence or stadium stands. There are only two weeks until the deadline and the artwork hasn't even been finalized yet. Trust the job to us and the results will be picture perfect.

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