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Customer Care & FAQ

Original artwork is preferred in digital form from all major popular vector and raster formats either by uploading to our FTP site or on CD or DVD-ROM.

Physical assets are also acceptable when submitted on medium format transparency, 35mm transparency or negative, or APS film. Printed media is accepted on a per-job basis depending on the output size and resolution desired.

Pre-digital artwork and logos can typically be recreated for the same hourly charge as newly-designed art and in both cases you will receive both full rights as well as digital originals so that you can re-purpose the works for future jobs with any supplier or for any application you choose.

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What type of printed output options does Visual Options & Solutions offer?
Depending on the application we typically offer 720dpi large-format digital 8-color printing up to 5-meters wide on rolled stock, 3.2 x 2-meters on rigid stock up to 2 inches in thickness, and 6-color printing onto fabrics. Tiled and extended-length output is typical for macro-applications. For archival and museum materials we typically offer permanence of to 108 years at up to 2880dpi for 1.1-meters wide. Output materials vary depending on output device and desired application.


Does Visual Options & Solutions offer printing-only services?
Certainly. If you already have a design team on staff then we will be happy to fulfill any of your large-format or specialized output needs while ensuring that attention is paid to any specific color matching or output quality issues. We will flight-check the files and alert you in advance to any issues between your specifications and the gamut or material characteristics of the output option chosen.


What kind of design services do you offer?
Visual Options & Solutions also has a complete design team on staff to take your ideas from concept though to actualization. This capability allows us to also ensure a seamless transition through to production and finishing without the headaches of miscommunication inherent when working with disparate providers.


What marketing support and fulfillment options do you offer?
With key personnel from Fortune 500 and cutting-edge media companies we have the experience in multiple facets of marketing needed to provide complete end-to-end support for marketing rollouts and fulfillment. Together with our affiliates and partners we can coordinate the logistics of production across multiple media to deliver a comprehensive solution for applications such as retail launches, special events and conventions and trade shows. We'll even make sure that traditional collateral, multimedia presentations and web presence are part of the package if you desire.


What are the names of some of your key clients?
Over the past quarter of a century Visual Options & Solutions has served numerous major companies, governmental, educational and philanthropic organizations. It is fairly easy for just about anyone to cite a name-brand client based on a single, non-critical job, however, so we prefer instead to provide case studies that are more relevant for your particular industry or application. Contact us directly so we can better understand how we can help your business.